You can tell I’m procrastinating…

I had planned for my next blog to be about the DSM. Just a little rant and a chance to clear some things up that have REALLY confused me about some of the new categories.

But then I got distracted by the fact that there is a new Bridget Jones book coming out soon! I must say, I am so excited!! (Yes, I get distracted very easily!)

The moral of this book: Drunk texting never ends well! (I can definitely agree with that one…!) Although, does this mean that she doesn’t end up with her Mr.Darcy?! From what I have read about this so far, I get the impression that she is back to being a singleton and trying to dating scene again, and although we all wanted her to settle down, I can guarantee that this will be much more hilarious reading!!

I am very much looking forward to more drunken karaoke, mini quiches and bad hair days!

And now I must get back to some real work…

Sorry for the lack of blogging in the last week (not that this entry has been particularly informative!), I can assure I am back and ready to chat some more, which I’m hoping is a good thing for all of you reading!




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